Fruity, Fresh And Unisex. The fruity top notes are dominated by blackcurrant, Calville Blanc apple, and the freshness of bergamot with pineapple. In the heart, dry notes of birch and patchouli combine with the smooth purity of rose and jasmine. In the base of the composition is an oakmoss accord with warm vanilla, musk, and amber.

Gentlemen is like nothing in the world smells as good as the Gentlemen smells. It’s cold, strong, mild and masculine. It’s a must buy oudh. 

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 Saffron, Floral And Unisex. Top notes are saffron, pimento and rose; middle notes are patchouli, caramel, agarwood (oud) and floral notes; base notes are musk, incense, amber, resins and woody notes.

Harimi is one of the best oudh that we serve. It’s strong, sweet, mild, attractive and unisex. Harimi is the fragrance that the violet sheds on the heel that has crushed it. 

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Sandalwood & Spicy. 

Attar Urban Shade is sour, mild, long lasting, unisex and one among the best oudh. It’s extraordinary fragrance  is like where you will always fill the warmth of the fresh air.

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