Oudh Intense Oudh Intense
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ORIENTAL, FLORAL, WOODY & LEATHER Ah, the smell of fragrance oil. Are you looking for an intoxicating new fragrance to capture your captivating uniqueness? If so, allow us to introduce Oudh Intense Fragrance Oil with Oriental, Floral, Woody and Leather fragrances. This innovative oil combines the sweet smokiness of oudh in a sophisticated blend that is sure to tantalize the senses and leave a lasting impression on anyone who encounters it. So if you're looking for something memorable, look no further than Oudh Intense Fragrance Oil - this profound combination will add a touch of luxury and sophistication wherever it’s used! Note: 3ml size of this product is only available at our physical stores.
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Kalimat_Fragrance_oil_12ml_zam_zam_perfumers Kalimat_Fragrance_oil_12ml_zam_zam_perfumers
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Amber Rose Oudh With Arabic Tone Kalimat Fragrance oil is an exquisite and timeless fragrance oil that contains both sweet and woody notes. It has a blend of classic Arabian Oudh, Amber Rose and other warm spices to give it a unique depth. This traditional scent is sure to captivate anyone who smells it. Kalimat Attar is perfect for those who are looking for something different from the usual floral or musky scents. The warm undertones and sweet lingering smell make this oil perfect for any occasion. Whether you're looking to add a touch of elegance or want something special for a romantic evening, Kalimat Attar is the perfect choice. It's sure to leave a lasting impression. Kalimat Fragrance Oil is a high quality 100% non-alcoholic oil and the aroma will last for hours, giving you the opportunity to create something truly special.     Size: 12ml  
Rider Rider
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AROMATIC, AMBER & WOODY Are you looking to create a long lasting, high quality attitude that will make a positive impact on everyone around you? Look no farther than Rider Fragrance Oil attar perfume. Rider attar has notes of amber & woody essences along with many other premium essential oils to bring out the best aromatic scent. Whether you want an elegant or edgy look, the Rider fragrance is sure to provide an unforgettable aroma for its user! Gain the attention of those around you without overpowering them - show off your personality for all to appreciate. Note: 3ml size of this product is only available at our physical stores.  
Baby Girl Baby Girl
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FLORAL, SWEET, FRUITY & WOODY Nothing is as enchanting and mesmerizing as a baby girl's scent. Think about the sweetness of their skin, mixed with the faint fragrances that come from lotions and powders used during baths to keep them clean. Now, imagine capturing this unique aroma in a bottle — not only for your own little princess but also for any woman who appreciates that special nature-given scent given by newborns. If you're looking for such an item then look no further; our Baby Girl Fragrance Oil offers exactly what you need: a selection of delightfully sweet, floral, fruity and woody fragrances!   Note: 3ml size of this product is only available at our physical stores.