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    Fawakeh has a special fragrance based on sweet & sour fruits like mangoes and pineapples. It is very popular among young men. We are preparing this attar from last 15 years and based on our experience we believe that this attar can be used for all seasons & on all occasions.


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    The fragrance of this Attar is very light and it is made for both men and women. The attar is very affective in cold conditions. We named this attar after an Egypt newspaper, as one of whose worker on whom we first tested this Attar. She liked it so much that every time she comes to India, she doesn’t leave before purchasing it.


    ZamZam perfumers proudly present Topaz attar. This particular Attar is very famous among young men & women and it is mostly used on special occasions. The key feature of this attar is that it gets stronger with time and temperature. Based on our experience we assure you that once you’ll try this Attar it will be very hard to switch to any other.